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Is DENV-2 causing a dengue virus outbreak in the Delhi NCR? Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

By Akamksha Kumar

The rapid increase in dengue cases across Delhi NCR has alarmed the population since the majority of the cases have revealed a new serotype of the virus.

COVID-19 instances in Delhi have reduced dramatically in recent months, indicating that a new threat has not emerged in the national capital. Hundreds of cases of dengue fever have been reported every week in the Delhi NCR, causing alarm among residents.

The number of dengue cases in Delhi has surpassed 5,200 this year, marking the city’s worst dengue outbreak since 2015. Over 2,570 instances of dengue fever were reported in Delhi just last week, claims civic authority records.

The outbreak of dengue fever in Delhi has prompted authorities to take action, and doctors have speculated that the virus’s DENV-2 subtype may be to blame for the recent spike in vector-borne disease cases in the city.

According to research, there are four different serotypes of the dengue virus: DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4. The DENV-2 serotype might cause greater harm than the others, resulting in severe symptoms and, in extreme cases, death.

The DENV-2 strain of the dengue virus might cause more difficulties in the human body. The incubation period for this serotype is four to ten days, and the dengue virus infestation remains high during this time.


In some situations, the DENV-2 serotype can cause organ failure. According to doctors, the recovery time for this type of dengue is usually 10 days, although it can take up to four weeks in certain severe cases. Dengue fever cases have risen dramatically in Delhi this year, and doctors are overwhelmed by the number of hospitalizations in the national capital.

The outbreak of dengue fever in Delhi has been attributed to a lack of cleanliness and basic hygiene in several districts of the city. The Delhi administration has also decided to take several measures to ensure that dengue fever does not spread further around the city.

The city administration has raised the number of dengue tests available in communities, and awareness campaigns are being held across Delhi. In the wake of the outbreak, hospitals have been urged to assign some COVID-19 beds to dengue patients.

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Akamksha Kumar

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