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| On 3 weeks ago challenging Google search receives seed fund of $20M

By Aswin Kumar, a new search engine that promises better privacy and more detailed results, is taking on Google’s dominance. The company was founded on Tuesday with $20 million in backing from venture capital firms and Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff, a well-known figure in the tech world.

The new search engine does not use a vertical scrolling set of results like every other search engine. Socher and his crew intended to challenge preconceptions and create something altogether fresh.

According to, which is currently in public beta testing, users’ personal information will not be sold, tracked online, or profiled for targeted adverts. Incognito mode ensures complete anonymity.

The search engine organizes information into a grid of tiles based on the type of search, such as websites, YouTube videos, tweets, and TikToks. is also allowing developers to create extensions that would let them curate search results even further.

Richard Socher, Salesforce’s former chief scientist and a natural language processing specialist, and former Salesforce AI leader Bryan McCann co-founded the company. is completely different from its competitors. To begin with, the search results page includes links to several apps such as Medium, Yelp, and Reddit. You can alter the prominence of those apps or choose not to use any of them at all if you so desire.


The results are organized into app categories as well as a web results category, and you can scroll left to right to see the results for a certain app or category. Furthermore, you may view the results, such as a video or a code excerpt, without having to open a new tab, which saves time and reduces tab overload.

If you like a certain group of results, you can move them higher in the results, and will remember this and give you the results you prefer the next time. joins a growing list of tiny businesses eager to take on Google, which, according to analytics firm StatCounter, accounts for 92 percent of all searches worldwide. Better privacy is promised by DuckDuckGo, Brave, Ecosia, and StartPage. Although several of these businesses use Microsoft’s Bing behind the scenes, none of them have been able to seriously challenge Google’s supremacy.

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