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Apple’s iPad 9th gen or iPad mini 6: Which one should you consider buying?

By Aswin Kumar

Well for starters both iPad 9 and an iPad mini 6 has a lot more to offer even at a budget price of $299 and $499 respectively.


The Apple iPad 9 is the cheapest iPad available in the market featuring an A13 bionic chip which is an old chip but it’s still pretty fast when put to test while the iPad mini 6 features an A15 bionic chip and of course we could call it a “shrunken iPad Air.”


The new iPad 9th gen is pretty much unchanged in terms of design and it still got the “bezels”, aghh Apple! and you still get a headphone jack while the Apple has done a pretty good job with its new iPad mini 6.

The iPad mini 6 is sure not an old mini anymore, the device is now more resembling iPad Air 4 but in a smaller size with its almost bezel-free display, and Apple this time surely considered removing that old round Touch ID design with a Touch ID enabled power button at the top and for god’s sake now it now supports USB C which will save some more bucks on its accessories.


The iPad 9th gen is powered by an A13 Bionic chip which could offer 20x faster performance than its predecessor and according to Apple, A13 bionic is 3X faster than any high-end Chromebook and it’s 6X faster than any high-end Android tablet.

The iPad mini 6 features an A15 Bionic chip which is supposed to be “the fastest chip”, leading Apple’s position to the top and is considered 40% faster than the A12 bionic used in the iPad mini 5.

Both devices are way apart to even compare in terms of performance but trust me, you won’t even notice it until the devices are compared under heavy tests which are not the condition we normally face during day-to-day usage. The multitasking and daily usage apps work on both devices seamlessly with any lag.


While the camera is not an important feature when it comes to iPads but still Apple has brought some amazing features to both devices featuring an ultra-wide 12 MP camera. The new feature called “Center Stage” will help you to track and move the camera angle and keep the subject in the center even when the subject is moving around.



The display is one of the factors which can be used easily used to distinguish a premium device from a low-end and medium-end and Apple has always been a leading player in this game of best displays.

The iPad 9th gen features a 10.2 inches 2160×1620-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi) display which supports TrueTone and 500 nits of maximum brightness. The display is pretty amazing and if you consider the price it is a “bang for the buck”.

While the iPad mini 6, features an 8.3-inches 2266×1488 resolution at 326 pixels per inch (ppi) display which also supports TrueTone and 500 nits of maximum brightness.

Both the display seems to be pretty similar but when put into test, the iPad mini will have better color production due to its ‘liquid retina display’ while the iPad 9th gen sports a ‘retina display’.

5G support?

The iPad 9th gen does not support 5G connectivity while iPad mini 6 supports 5G out of the box, so if you want a 5G enabled device you have to consider iPad mini 6.


Both the devices are offering the best for their price and if you consider an all-rounder device that can offer satisfy most of your needs expects the “bezel-less” design, you must go for the iPad 9th gen which sports an old-gen design with an old-gen processor, is still worth its price but you, of course, need to spend more on its accessories because it still doesn’t support USB C.

While if you want a device for the long run and a device with the latest tech, you should consider the iPad mini 6 but wait, here is the spoiler, the new iPad mini 6 costs $499 and you could rather get an iPad Air 4 with A14 Bionic for $539 which makes the “mini iPad Air” a bit pricey.

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