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Mozilla makes it easier to change the default browser setting in Windows 11

By Aswin Kumar

While Microsoft trying really hard to push the Edge browser into the mainstream with Windows 11, Mozilla feels the game to be a bit harsh to not allow users to change their defaults “easily.”

Mozilla has finally solved the restriction with Microsoft’s new Windows 11 which made it harder to change the default browser in Windows 11 from Microsoft Edge.

Currently, if you confirm without checking “Always use this app” when you open a link outside the browser for the first time, you will end up with Edge as your default browser, and the prompt to choose the browser won’t pop up the next time you open a link outside the browser and to elevate the game a bit further, Microsoft even made it much harder to change the default app manually.

With version 91 of Mozilla Firefox, they have successfully reverse-engineered the algorithm which Microsoft uses to set Edge as the default browser in Windows 11, of course bypassing Microsoft’s protections.

The move by Mozilla really challenged Microsoft’s way of overstepping a user’s personal choice while trying to push their own browser over other browsers which are way faster and more efficient when put to test.


In a statement to The Verge, a Mozilla spokesperson said:

“People should have the ability to simply and easily set defaults, but they don’t (…). All operating systems should offer official developer support for default status so people can easily set their apps as default. Since that hasn’t happened on Windows 10 and 11, Firefox relies on other aspects of the Windows environment to give people an experience similar to what Windows provides to Edge when users choose Firefox to be their default browser.”

Mozilla’s latest version of the browser can now leverage Edge’s algorithm to set Firefox as the default browser using a background process with no additional prompts.

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear if other Edge-competitors like Chrome, Opera, etc will follow Firefox’s lead and of course, this action by Mozilla clearly questions Microsoft’s anti-hijack protections which were first built into Windows 10 so that malware couldn’t hijack into default apps setting.

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