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Punjabi Tadka Maggi: A peppery, buttery recipe!

By Akamksha Kumar

If You think Tadka is only used in dal then it’s not so. Temper food is an integral step of Punjabi dishes. Today this Maggi will change your thought. 

Highlight –

  • Maggi is all-time comfort food.
  • We all have our way to enjoy Maggi and customized them to make them more delicious. 
  • One packed is no enough for us, and two packed more than enough to eat, perfect to have one and a half Maggi.

It’s not hard to admit that Maggi is our ultimate comfort food, and there isn’t a single desi soul who would think otherwise.


We all have one comfort food we eat regularly. We can’t deny that Maggi is that dish which we can make in 2 min. It is tantalizing, spicy rich, and slurpy.
Maggi is one dish that we enjoy in a group. No desi soul would think otherwise before eating. From Morning breakfast to evening snack, Maggi noodles always have been there. As time passed and grown-up, Maggi is customized in many ways.
If you love to eat spice rich, a flavored dish, this is the perfect dish for you! If you love Maggi then you should try this!


How To Prepare Punjabi Tadka Maggi | Punjabi Tadka Maggi Recipe:

In a pan, pour oil and let it heat. Cook all the chopped vegetables, add ‘Maggi Masala’, and some water. After they are boil add Maggi noodles. Cook this until halfway done. Now in a different pan, add butter, add the ingredients needed for the tadka, and keep it on the heat for not more than a minute. Get back to the Maggi, add the tadka on top and serve hot.

This Maggi Instant Noodles recipe is the most loved instant noodles food in India. People of all age groups, be it kids or adults loves it. It is the perfect snack recipe to curb those late-night hunger pangs or when you are lazy to cook lunch or dinner. Also, try my other favorite Indian Maggi recipes like Chilli Cheese Garlic Maggi.


  • Pour some oil into a pan. Fry carrot, onion, and beans together. When the veggies are soft add broken maggie to it. After 2 sec, add 100 ml water and boil them.
  • Now, add 1/4 tsp of chili powder, 1/2 tsp of salt, and Maggi masala.
  • Heat the pan and add butter, chopped garlic and dry red chili.
  • Add them to maggi.

(Also read the full Maggi recipe, click here).

For a downloadable version of this recipe click here

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Akamksha Kumar

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