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‘You betrayed us’: Afghan nationals protest against Biden While Biden Having a Vacation

By Aswin Kumar

President Joe is facing global outrage for failing not only America but also Afghanistan as his reign over the states, now costed many Afghan lives which he could have rather saved if he was not busy enjoying his sweet vacation.

The question arises on Biden’s approach to the whole situation in Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the presidential palace in Kabul.

Visuals shared by news agency ANI on Monday showed scores of Afghan nationals gathered outside the White House, shouting slogans such as “Biden you betrayed us”, “Biden you are responsible”. 

If we look into history, we must not forget the contributions the afghans made to the USA in the cold war with the soviet union and we must also forget that the Peace Agreement between the Taliban and the United States On February 29, 2020, is one of the main reason of Taliban taking over Afghanistan.

“The women of Afghanistan will have no freedom. We do not want to go back to the burqas that are not freedom,” Farzana Hafiz, who lives in Northern Virginia, told ANI. “My family is there and I’m dying every minute. Since last night I haven’t slept yet. I couldn’t sleep. It’s a tragedy for my people. I can’t sleep,” she said as she broke down.

As President Joe announced the withdrawal of the remaining troops in Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, on 13 August 2021, it gave the Taliban the momentum to attack heartlessly on the Afghanis, killing many peoples even children.

The whole world looks upon the USA as a supreme force capable of bringing peace and justice yet it failed us all. A video showing one of the most disheartening scenes is circulating the internet which shows the helpless afghans crying out for help, trying to board the US flight on the runway as the plane was accelerating for a takeoff.

Some Afghans are in so pathetic condition that they can be seen clinging to the wheels of the aircraft which shows that they are in a condition where they even try the riskiest ways to survive.

The whole world even Americans are cursing Biden with hashtags #BidenFailure and #BidenDisaster on Twitter yet it seems that the US president prefers his sweet vacation over world peace.

The former president of the USA, Donald Trump also asked Joe Biden to resign as the president of the USA as he “Blames” Biden for the crisis in Afghanistan.

The outrage against President Joe also surfaces a video of his interview last year in which he clearly heard saying that it is unlikely that the Taliban would take over Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, if we recap, the effect when Joe Biden came into power on America is noticeable. The USA remained one of the most affected nations with the new COVID-19 cases reporting 2,000,00 daily cases and the prices of gasoline, as well as goods and services, seem to have a negative effect on the poor class.

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