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“Free and Open Internet Under Attack,” says Sundar Pichai

By Aswin Kumar

Google boss Sundar Pichai warned of the threat which restricts the flow of free and open internet globally due to the nations taking the idea of a “free and open internet” for granted.

In a recent interview with BBC, the Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, exclaimed the threat to the internet and said,  I think a free and open internet is a tremendous force for good and we take it for granted a bit…,”

“In each country now there is a debate what speech is OK and what should be allowed…”, says Mr. Pichai.

He says, “in some ways, I think we pull back from the bigger picture (which is that) many countries around the world are restricting the flow of information and drawing much more rigid boundaries,”

“countries with strong democratic traditions and values” should stand up against the potential fragmenting of the internet, says Google chief.

He even refers to artificial intelligence as more profound than fire, electricity, or the internet.

“I view it as the most profound technology that humanity will ever develop and work on. You know, if you think about fire or electricity or the internet, it’s like that. But I think even more profound,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

Mr. Pichai’s comment came as all internet service platforms like OTT, search engine(Google), come under the radar of the new IT law by the Indian government.


The government states that the law will “empower and protect the user” but at the end of the day we all know it’s a policy to control ‘Press and Media’.

The new law will even allow the government to gain authority over every content on the internet and they could remove it if they found it ‘offensive’ in nature.

Article 19(1)(a) of the constitution of India “guarantees to all its citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression”, but the new IT law doesn’t imply the same.

In May, Mr. Pichai told reporters from the Asia Pacific region “Google is committed to complying with local laws and engages constructively with governments”. However, he added: “… we are very clear about the values of a free and open internet and the benefits it brings and we advocate for it…”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pichai also mentioned the executive order signed last week with US president Joe Biden, which called for the restoration of net neutrality regulations.

“Big providers can use their power to discriminatorily block or slow down online services. The Obama-Biden Administration’s FCC adopted ‘Net Neutrality’ rules that required these companies to treat all internet services equally, but this was undone in 2017,” the order read.

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