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UP Population Control Draft Bill: No Govt. Job, No Subsidy if Over Two-Children

By Aswin Kumar

Uttar Pradesh government has prepared a new draft bill as a part of population control which promotes the two-child norm.

The new draft bill debars a person with more than two children from being eligible for govt. jobs and subsidy.

The bill also restricts the person from several other benefits such as government-sponsored welfare schemes and from contesting elections.

With Congress, criticizing the bill and describing it as a “political agenda” ahead of the Assembly elections next year. The Samajwadi Party said the move meant the “murder of democracy”.

The UPSLC website says, “The State Law Commission, UP, is working on control, stabilization, and welfare of the population of the state and has prepared a draft bill.”

The Commission has uploaded the proposed draft Uttar Pradesh Population Bill for suggestions till July 19.

Incentives and Benefits

The draft also indicates the provision for certain incentives for people if they adopt the sterilization norms.

The draft bill says, “Public servants who adopt the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service, maternity or as the case may be”


The incentives also include paternity leave of 12 months with full salary and a 3% increase in the employer’s contribution fund under national pension.

Other benefits include subsidies towards the purchase of a plot or house site or build a house with a rebate on utilities.

A citizen who adopts a one-child norm will receive additional benefits such as free health care facility and insurance coverage to the child till age 20

Cash Incentives

A couple living below the poverty line who has adopted the one-child norm shall be eligible for payment of a one-time ₹80,000 if the single child is a boy and ₹1 lakh if it is a girl.

Justice Aditya Nath Mittal said UP’s economic and ecological resources are limited while explaining the reason to draft the new bill.

He further said that it is necessary to promote this norm to promote sustainable development with equal distribution.

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