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Apple iPad With 10.9-Inch OLED Display Will Launch in 2023; Apple Says Adios to Touch Bar From MacBook Pro Models

By Aswin Kumar

New reports show that Apple may launch the most speculated iPad with a 10.9-Inch OLED display in 2023 and they are also planning to remove the touch bar in their Macbook Pro models.

Apple will step into the OLED tablet market with a 10.9-inch model in 2023, says a report from Display Supply Chain. The rumors about an OLED iPad don’t have clarity about its launch date yet.

A report from earlier this month said that an iPad Air will be arriving in 2022 with a 10.86-inch OLED display.

Apple is working on three new OLED iPad models, among which two will launch sometime in 2023, while one of them is expected to arrive in 2022, the report further claims.

Also, when Apple enters the OLED tablet market space in 2023, the overall tablet market will grow to over $1 billion (roughly Rs. 7,482 crores) in 2024, mentions a report by Display Supply Chain.

Meanwhile, Apple will remove the Touch Bar from its future MacBook Pro models. Apple introduced the Touch Bar in 2016 to replace the standard function row.

Touchbar has been quite popular among MacBook users and it looks like Apple could go back to the standard function row for its upcoming MacBook Pro models, says the report.


One of the reasons as we speculate could be with the launch of the Macbook Pro with M1. The new Macbook Pro with M1 for some ‘extra bucks’ just came with a touch bar and a fan which many critics found useless and not worthy of the extra buck. Mackbook Air with M1 was the ‘bang for the buck’.


The iPad Pro with OLED display is interesting and will raise the mobile display standard but is this enough to replace a laptop?

Apple already included its liquid XDR display into its top-end iPad Pro model with M1 chip but still, Apple is missing the fact that the iPadOS is powering the iPad which does support any full suite software like Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc

This makes the iPad Pro with OLED, Apple’s beautiful piece of tech but a device that is yet to replace laptops.

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