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Serious Apple Bug Breaks iPhone Wi-Fi

By Aswin Kumar

Apple’s iPhone is the best selling phone in the premium segment and it continues to break records with its flagship design and performance but now serious errors have been issued to all Apple iPhone users.

A new bug in Apple iOS reported by BeepingComputers is said to break the inbuilt Wi-Fi when you use an iOS device to connect to hotspots with unusual names.


The flaw was discovered by accident by Carl Schou, reverse engineer after he tried to connect an iPhone to his personal WiFi that uses the SSID ‘%p%s%s%s%s%n’. The iPhone’s Wi-Fi broke down prompting a refusal message to connect that Wi-Fi.

“Neither rebooting nor changing SSID fixes it,” tweeted Schou. The iPhone was seen to be caught in a loop.

Some Twitter users tested the same on android devices and found the bug to be an iOS exclusive bug, leaving millions of iOS devices vulnerable.

According to security researchers who saw Schou’s tweet, declared it to be an input parsing error likely causes this bug.

When a string with “%” signs exists in Wi-Fi hotspot names, iOS interprets “%” as string-format specifiers when they are not, in short, string format specifiers have a special meaning in C language and it is considered as a variable name rather than a text.

Currently, the only possible solution to fix this bug is to reset the device’s network setting completely by going to Settings – GeneralReset, where you will find the network setting reset option.

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