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32-years-old Kolkata Woman dies of “Black Fungus”

By Aswin Kumar

Kolkata: Shampa Chakraborty, a COVID-19 patient admitted to Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, died on Friday morning while battling mucormycosis or Black Fungus, said Health Department on Saturday

Shampa Chakraborty, a resident of Haridevpur in the southern fringes of the city and her death marks the onset on “Black Fungus” in Kolkata.

The Health Department constituted an expert committee to deal with ‘black fungus’ cases and five patients are undergoing treatment for the disease in the state, the official said.

“All these patients are from neighboring Bihar and Jharkhand. We are constantly monitoring their conditions,” he said.

What is Black Fungus?

Black Fungus or mucormycosis is a fungal disease caused by a mould found in soil and in decaying organic matter like rotting leaves, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Humans can get affected by Black Fungus by various methods like by inhaling the fungal spores or by humidifiers or oxygen tanks containing contaminated water.

The Fungal disease is aggressive in nature so the treatment must be provided in early stages of the infection as the infection is aggressive enough to kill a infected person within days. The average fatality rate is 54 percent, according to the CDC.


Diabetic patients are the most vulnerable to this disease and it is widely reported in India due to large number of diabetic population and uncontrolled use of steriod to treat COVID-29 patients, eventually decreasing the immunity of the body.

“Persistent headache or that swelling on one side of the face” is identified as the symptoms of Black Fungus, according to Dr. Randeep Guleria, Chief of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

“If your nose is getting blocked and there is thrusting…those are early signs that you should start worrying. If there is loosening of a tooth, then, too, you should immediately consult your doctor.”, Dr. Guleria said in an interview with NDTV.

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