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PUBG is Making its Comeback as ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’, But You May Lose Your Old Account Data

By Aswin Kumar

PUBG Mobile India aka ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India‘ is yet to launch in India after its ban last year citing data privacy issues.

The new ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India‘ is developed by Krafton, a South Korean Video Game company replacing Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, who used to develop PUBG mobile in India. The game was banned in India as a part of India’s decision to ban apps and games being developed by Chinese developers citing data privacy issues.

While gamers are already waiting for the game release on app stores, Krafton teased the game in Google Playstore allowing players to Pre-register the game ahead of its launch.

A report by IGN India quoting industry sources mentions that the game could launch on June 18, exactly one month after pre-registration opened.

But will you be able to use your old PUBG account?

Before answering this question, we need to understand the history of PUBG as it was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole which is owned by Krafton. The game was initially released as a PC game, later expanding its playability to Mobile by releasing PUBG Mobile which was developed by Bluehole and was Published by Tencent in India.


Tencent played an important role as publisher of PUBG Mobile in India, making it the most popular in India but at a cost of the data collected from each player of this game.

Tencent’s involvement in the game eventually led to the ban of PUBG Mobile in many countries like India citing privacy issues as Tencent used to collect data to improve user experience, yes I know the same “user experience” every company promises.

So I think we already found the answer to our question as the data collected from the user was used by Tencent, not Krafton because Tencent marketed the game in India, not Krafton. This means if Krafton distances Tencent as its Publisher, the account data which was collected by Tencent may or may not be used by Krafton.

The data migration is also a difficult task because if they are developing a totally fresh version of PUBG Mobile instead of just renaming it, the data compatibility is a hectic task as the data used or generated by PUBG Mobile may or may not be compatible with the new version developed by Krafton.

In short, the probability of losing your old account is likely higher. Meanwhile, a version of ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India‘ is released on Google Playstore which is confirmed to be a fake version.

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