The heroine of ‘1920 London’ revealed the fact that why we see so less of her in Bollywood!

Meera Chopra
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Actress Meera Chopra commented that after her Bollywood debut in ‘1920 London’, ”I was getting offered a lot more horror erotica which was not something I wanted to indulge in”.

After we have seen her making a switch from masala entertainers to the south to contented-oriented films in Bollywood, now she decided to choose her next projects very carefully, she also made a decision to explore the webspace now.

When she was asked that why we get the chance to see her very little in Bollywood, she said about her first film ‘1920 London’, continued by ‘Section 375’. She also declared that she is involved in doing various projects now.

1920 London: Sharman Joshi and Meera  Chopra
1920 London Poster Staring Sharman Joshi

The ‘1920 London’ heroine got an offer of working on lot more horror movies but she stated that was not something which she wanted to do. She showed her interest in doing some more content-oriented, and meaningful projects which can take her higher in her career.

She explained that it’s not easy to get such projects but she is ready to hold her ground by not getting indulged by other offers, which made things more clear to her and she got the opportunity to work on the desirable projects which made her feel that she is a good space right now.

Meera Chopra further elaborated about the content-oriented by females. She stated, ‘I think we cannot ignore women-power anymore, women have always been the stronger sex.

“Filmmakers are exploring an emotion that has never been explored before. Now actresses are getting important parts to play in films, I am thankful to the audience for accepting such content, the more it is welcomed, the more such content we will be able to see.”, she added.

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