Another cyclonic storm ‘Yash’ may head towards Bengal around May 21 to 23!

yash cyclone
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An announcement came in by a top official of the Ministry of Earth Science on Wednesday that the major cyclonic storm named ‘Yash‘ is forming over the Bay of Bengal which may head towards West Bengal around May 23. Oman has named the major cyclone ‘Yash‘.

As per the assumptions made by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) the cyclonic circulation might be I3.1 km & 5.8 km above mean sea level.

The eastern coast and the western coast witness such cyclones usually in the pre-monsoon months starting from April to May. Previous year in 2020 the month of May witnessed the huge cyclone named ‘Amphan‘ and the ‘Nisarga‘ and due to which both the eastern and the western coast got affected drastically. It has been declared that ‘Odisha’ and ‘West Bengal’ will face heavy rainfall starting from May 22 to May 26.

As per the latest update, ‘Yash‘ can be considered to be more powerful than ‘Amphan‘. A weather scientist declared that several weather parameters are responsible for the formation of cyclones, he continued that it would be too early to assume whether the cyclone will form in the low-pressure area and if it does where it will make the landfall.

The latest updates on social media regarding the cyclonic storm ‘Yash‘ brought many people into a panic because of the effect shown by the major cyclone ‘Amphan’ in May last year.

It has been stated that the news and the images getting circulated on Social Media are not origination from the Alipore weather office and requested not to share such unsolicited information.

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