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Microsoft shelves ‘Windows 10X’, A ChromeOS Skin on Windows

By Aswin Kumar

Microsoft, since its launch of Windows 10, has been trying to build Window’s lighter version for more than 10 years without success. The latest effort, Windows 10X, has reportedly now been shelved, in favor of improving Windows 10 instead.

The Windows 10X is a light version of Windows 10, a modern design and improved security are some of the highlighting features of the new Windows 10X

The new Windows 10X is more likely to be a competitor to the ChromeOS than just an upgrade to the existing Windows 10 because Microsoft has always seen Chromebooks to be their competitor in businesses and schools.

Microsoft is expected to field a new variant, given that some of the interface elements for Sun Valley seem to be similar to what was expected with Windows 10X, based on various leaks, perhaps Microsoft will simply look to the new Windows refresh as the best way it can take on Chrome OS.


While Microsoft is competing against Chromebooks, the company has experienced significant growth during the pandemic as more people bought new PCs for work and school from home purposes. Microsoft reported last week that Windows non-Pro revenue grew by a massive 44 percent and Surface revenue increased 12% (up 7% in constant currency).

Windows 10X was promoted to be one of the first versions of Windows built on Windows Core OS (WCOS). Unlike other OS makers, Microsoft is rather focused on improving the existing rather than the numbers succeeding the word “Windows”. I’m expecting a sleeker yet faster version of Windows 10 which could be able to run on low-end systems and of course a more minimalistic design to comprehend its sleeker look

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