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Why the new iPad Pro is better than most high end laptops?

By Aswin Kumar

Apple Launched its iPad Pro with M1 chip at its much awaited Spring Loaded event. The event witnessed the launch of the new iMac, Airtag, etc along with the new variant of the iPad Pro which was expected to be powered by a chip similar to M1, but Hey! Apple already surprised us by using the revolutionary M1 chip itself in the new iPad Pro, will this raise the bars of mobile computing? Let’s find out!

The iPad Pro is similar to its predecessor in terms of the design, there are only few minor changes with the inclusion of thunderbolt or USB 4, yes you heard it right! the new iPad Pro supports the thunderbolt ports which is twice as fast as USB C.

The new iPad now sports a super impressive display in its higher variant, that is, the 12.9 inch model, comes with a mini-LED backlit display called Liquid XDR display which Apple claims to be better than its Liquid Retina display.

The camera module setup is same as its predecessor but we expect some better results when the camera could leverage the neural engine and machine learning capabilities of the M1 Chip.

As we go deep into the specifications, the iPad Pro will now be available in 8GB and 16GB RAM, which makes this device no less than Apple’s very own MacBooks itself but you all will have a question that why does this RAM capacity even matter when it comes to Apple’s Mobile devices right? because all these years we never bothered about it as it was fast and that’s what we all cared!

Well, that’s because Apple never revealed the RAM capacity on iPhone or iPad. But many enthusiasts teardown the device to reveal the specification and as per iFixit, the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max sports 6GB of RAM coupled with its A14 Chip, so I thing this gave you a theoretical idea of how fast the new iPad Pro is!


Okay (spoiler alert), the new iPad is insanely fast and at some point it can even beat the new MacBook with M1 chip because the iPad Pro is still powered by the iPadOS, which is a like a light weight version of Mac OS and yes it doesn’t support the full suite of any productive software like Adobe Photoshop, etc.

So its basically to put it simply the new iPad Pro is like using a mobile ecosystem on a high-end desktop hardware and now the question arises, will the futures updates of iPadOS allow the full suite and hardware demanding softwares like Logic Pro, Adobe suites, Xcode, etc to work on the mobile ecosystem?

If we analyse the chronology which lead to the new iPad Pro with M1 Chip, Apple took the step to introduce their in-house ARM Chip on its MacBooks which led developers to shift their ecosystem to ARM based MacBooks from the Intel based MacBooks so basically the ARM based chip M1 has became the new ground for Apple Computing Ecosystem.

In short we could expect Apple to bring the iPadOS to support full suite softwares as well, so is the new iPad Pro with a starting tag of 799 dollars( or 71,000 Rupees), a bang for the buck?

Well for starters I’m crying because Apple is giving so much for price tag which is unexpected because you know its “APPLE” but I won’t mind getting anything cheap, and yes the new iPad Pro is a bang for the buck, its just too impressive for a mobile device and I would totally recommend it

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