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Why Being a Woman is not easy?

By Aswin Kumar

Delhi: In a horrific incident reported from the national capital, a woman was stabbed to death by her husband at a market in Delhi in broad daylight to which people were just standing witnessing the whole incident but refused to step forward and save her, the husband stabbed her as many as 25 times in a fit of rage even after her death.

The incident took place publicly in the Budh Vihar area of northwest Delhi on Saturday afternoon, while the accused told police he recently got married to Neelu and wasn’t happy with her job.

The police have identified the victim as 26-year-old Neelu Mehta who worked at the Safdarjung hospital in Delhi. Her husband Harish Mehta is an employee of the Marriage Bureau. Both Harish and Neelu hail from Rajkot in Gujarat.

However, she decided against his threats to work as a housewife and continued to work. Harish then suspected Neelu having an extramarital affair when she left him to stay at his parent’s house in Budh Vihar because of the daily fights over her career.

He then decided to kill her “to end his pain”, the police exclaimed. Around 2 noon, when Neelu was coming home from work, he came and started stabbing her till she died.

The fact that a woman is not even allowed to decide her career, and when she does, she has a life threat by her own husband is nothing but horror in anyone’s life.

Imagining what the women went through in her last moments that she is literally being killed by a person on the streets of a market with hundreds of people around, yet nobody came forward to save her and let her die in a pool of blood just because it was an ‘internal matter’ as she is a woman?


There might be people who defend such acts but 40% of women in India are still not allowed to choose their career choices and 78% of married women are still housewives. It may be a choice, but at times it is not and we need to stand against it.

It’s 2021 but still, a woman is not independent why?

It’s disheartening to see a woman suffer even when “she” was kind, is it because “she” was silent? or was ‘she’ being kind even when she was suffering?

A few weeks ago, a comment by the BJP’s newly-appointed Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat about women wearing ripped jeans created massive outrage in social media. But, from the perspectives of the economy and public policy, perhaps the more salient comment was made by Rawat’s cabinet colleague Ganesh Joshi, who reportedly said: “Women talk about all the things they want to do in life, but the most important thing for them is to look after their family and kids.”

Are they no human who have their own will? does this whole womanhood system is all about caring for someone?

Every person wants to silence the weak rather supporting the weak, but at the very end, we all are forgetting a big part of that weak yet mentally strong person in our life, who as a mother, wife, sister, supported us all and will continue to because they are beautiful, because they are strong.

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