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A Kolkata woman burns her father alive, after a dinner treat

By Aswin Kumar

KOLKATA- A 22-years-old woman allegedly laid a trap for her father and took him to Chandpal Ghat, near Babughat, in the early hours of Monday and poured kerosene on him and setting him on fire. Piyali Adduy, the resident of a joint family on Christopher Road, has been arrested. She has told cops that her father, Biswanath (56), used to torture her mentally and used to beat her after getting drunk.

Police source exclaimed that they Piyali’s execution of the plan surprised them.

Joint CP (crime) Murlidhar Sharma said, “accused had told us that her father tortured her both mentally and physically. But there, however, still a few gaps in her story.”

They are currently in the process of verifying her statement, and didn’t make any comment on the motive of the woman.  Sources said that Piyali claimed that the torture had increased after her mother passed away some years ago. Around one and a half year ago, she was divorced and she moved back to her father, Biswanath. Staying with her father again was the start of a bitter father-daughter relationship.

Biswanath, who co-owns a small printing press in the Bithakkhana area, and was staying with his brother lately after his wife passed away, loves to drink. On Sunday evening Piyali asked her father to tag along with her as she was going to meet a friend at night. She told him that there will alcohol and food in abundance. While, to the rest of the family, she claimed that she was unwell and was having stomach pain. She told them that she was going to Beleghata ID hospital for her unwellness.

Piyali took her father to a restaurant and treated him to a festive dinner. After that, she pitched the idea of drinking at Chandpal Ghat, on the banks of Hoogly. When her father, Biswanath agreed to the plan, she kept plying him drinks and ensured that he became very drunk. All along, she kept chatting with her father. After a couple of hours, Biswanath went to sleep. Piyali waited till 2:30, making sure he was sleeping soundly. After she confirmed that she poured kerosene on him which she was carrying with her all along and set him on fire.


Some passersby had seen something and alerted the nearby patrolling cops. Lalbazar claimed that there was some CCTV footage from that area and Biswanath’s wallet led them to his Tangra house. “The cops came early in the morning and started to ask questions to the family about Biswanath. But they had no clue about his whereabouts. But they kept questioning PIyali, and she began to give confusing answers. They later arrested her for that house”, recalled Biswanath’s brother, Karthik Auddy.

The cops said that there were several questions that are needed to solve the puzzle. Piyali will remain in the custody till 29th March. Her uncle, Karthik Auddy has lodged the main complaint. The cops are still trying to figure the real motive and apart from that, they are trying to find if someone else is involved as well. Because it is not easy for someone to have planned and execute the murder in such a brazen manner at Chandpal Ghat. The cops will also record the statements of her other family members and her call details are already under scrutiny.

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