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Women found an entire apartment behind the bathroom mirror. And it went viral.

By Aswin Kumar

In her first Tiktok video, Hartsoe showed how she decided to find out the reason behind the cool breeze in her bathroom. She showed her followers her hairs were moving although there were no presence of window or a cooling vent.

She found that the cool breeze was coming from behind the mirror. She decided to take it down. And she founded a room. To uncover more, the lady steps into the room wearing a mask, gloves, and holding a hammer as safety measures.

But she soon discovered that it was not just a room but a full apartment behind that bathroom mirror. “Wow, this is a whole apartment,” she can be heard saying in the video.


She remarks presence of life in the apartment by finding out water bottles and garbage bags were littered in that place

Hartsoe also tells her viewers that the apartment seems really old and that the bathroom was not in proper functioning.

The video got viral on twitter and has garnered over 4 millions views.

It has left Twitteratis surprised and people are calling this incident “better than the best true-crime podcast”.

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