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Knock Knock! M1 Chip is here: A Revolution foreseen by many enthusiasts

By Aswin Kumar

Apple on 10th November Announced its first Apple Silicon chip, the M1 Chip, which is one of the great revolutions in the Apple ecosystem after the 2005 revolution when they transitioned from IBM’s Power PC to Intel Processors

As you all you when Apple used Intel Processors to power their MacBooks they had to use different Chips for Security, GPU, Neural Processing, and APU but now they could combine all Chips into a single chip which is the M1 Chip.

The M1 Chip is the first PC Processor that uses a 5-nanometer process technology with 16 Billion transistors, an 8 Core CPU, a 2.6 Teraflop throughput GPU, and a 16-Core Neural engine. If I explain it in short you will get 3.5X more performance and it can handle multiple 4K streams to rendering 3D scenes without making any noise(in the case of MacBook Air) and no overheating issues thanks to its power efficiency processor…Ahh, I can hear some video editors crying 😉


The new MacBook Air powered by M1 Chip outperforms the top variant of Macbook Pro 16-inch in the Multi-Core test.

Let’s come to the software part now the M1 chip combined with Mac OS BigSur makes the Mac faster with instant wake up and 2X faster response time.

With Big Sur and M1, Mac users can run a greater range of apps than ever before. All of Apple’s Mac software is now Universal and runs natively on M1 systems. Existing Mac apps that have not been updated to Universal will run seamlessly with Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology and you could also run your iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac too.

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