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The year 2020: is it a year almost spent virtually or a ‘virtual year’?

By Aswin Kumar

The year 2020 is a disaster in its name itself which set in with the devastating floods in Indonesia to a worldwide pandemics due to the so-called Covid-19 or Coronavirus.

The home quarantine which we are now following due to the widespread Coronavirus has shifted our lifestyle or even work-life from the real-world to a virtual or online world where we are spending most of our time in front of a “screen”.

These Screen times brought new ways of doing our daily jobs in the comfort of our homes and even gave rise to a virtual era that applies to all, from student to a salaried person.

Five Key technology trend accelerated during the pandemic

1. Remote work

Many companies including giants like Microsoft, Google, etc have asked their employees to work from home which ensures their safety and they could still earn within the comfort of their home.

Now remote work promotes technologies like Virtual Private Network(VPN), Cloud Networking, Video Calling, Work collaboration tools, Voice over Internet (VoIP), etc.

This also gave a chance to virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft teams, etc to provide their services to reach a larger audience. In an earnings report by Zoom which states that they made $328 million in revenue during its February–April quarter which is far more than twice of their revenue

2. Online Shopping

I think it will take a while to completely get rid of the virus and due to the virus, people prefer to shop online rather than going to offline stores. This lead to the drastic growth of e-commerce technology.

There has been a huge increase in revenue of the e-commerce market including online groceries.

We should also understand human psychology when the World Health Organization first announced Covid-19 a pandemic, people responded by stocking up their essentials, medical supplies, etc which psychologists quoted as ‘Panic Buying’.

This also forced e-commerce companies to ensure the safety of their consumers by following the necessary sanitization method, Contactless Delivery, etc.

3. Contactless payment and Digital payment platforms

The pandemics have also brought in a practice of social distancing which also resulted in the promotion of contactless payment and digital payment platforms.

Nowadays, people use online payment as an easier method of payment which also ensures contactless payment. This trend of online payment resulted in a rise of digital payment technology and companies like PayPal reported a 49% increase in adjusted earnings to $1.07 per share compared with the year-ago quarter.

4. Distance Learning

When the quarantine measures were announced, almost every country declared the closure of schools and colleges which impacted 1.57 billion students.

Many institutional bodies started offering their online courses which ensured that the education of a student is not impacted by the safety measure being taken against the virus.

Institutional bodies used technologies similar to the one used in remote work to help students understand their lesson in a more interactive way but this also resulted in economic pressure on parents because the traditional way of education was cheaper when compared to the online educational system.

5. Telehealth

This is one of the important trends in technology. As the pandemic increases the availability of medical professionals ceased which created a panic among the people especially for the senior community but online check-ups based on symptoms eliminated the need to visit a clinic or hospital for every medical need.

The wearable personal IoT devices tracked the vital signs and the Chatbots used in the healthcare system helped to make the initial diagnosis based on the symptoms.

The pandemics also changed how a radiologist worked evidently, now they can work from home using digital technologies and this could be the “wake-up call” for the urban healthcare system.


All the technological trends are for the development of our ecosystem but don’t you think the digital or virtual ecosystem is making us lazy and physically inefficient over time? COMMENT YOUR VIEWS

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